The Future of Global Project Management

ICPM History


  • March 2015 Registered as ‘Korea PRINCE2 PM Forum’
  • Year 2013~2016 Monthly Seminars held
  • July 19, 2014 The 1st Global PM Conference
  • July 11, 2015 The 2nd Global PM Conference


  • June 7th Acquisition of permission to establish a division under the Small/Medium
    Business Administration
  • June 22nd Registration completed
  • June 24th The 3rd Global PM Conference
  • Aut. 25th ICPM Officialy Established


  • May 27th ~ 31st Involved in Australia PMI Chapter Conference
  • June 1st ~ July 31st Work to Match ISO 21504 and KSA ISO21504
  • June 24th The 4th Global PM Conference
  • August UK Axelos (PRINCE2) ATO designated as Educational Institutions


  • March ~ May Monthly Seminars held (upto 40th)
  • March 22nd The 1st YPC(Young Professional Committee) started
  • April 10th~June 9th Developed K-ISO 21503 & K-ISO 21505 with KATS and KSA
  • April 28th ~ August Attended to audit the Australia Sydney University’s PM curriculum
  • June 22nd The 5th Global PM Conference
  • September 10th ~ 14th Attended ISO/TC 258 World Plenary Meeting in Lima, Peru
  • 2019 ISO/TC 258 World Plenary Meeting in Seoul confirmed to be hosted by ICPM


  • Feburary 21st ICPM Plenary Meeting
  • March ~ Oct. PM Days Meeting and Monthly Seminars (upto 46th)
  • June 1st The 2nd YPC(Young Professional Committee) started
  • June 28th 2019 Global PM Conference
  • August 10th ~ 16th Attended to audit the University’s PM curriculum in Australia
  • September 23rd ~ 27th ISO/TC 258 World Plenary Meeting(in Seoul) hosted by ICPM


  • February 23rd PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Exam hosted by ICPM
  • April 16th MoU for PMO education and certificate between ICPM and Korea Polytech University
  • July 22nd ~ August 12th PRINCE2 education for KOFIH
  • August 13th ~ 14th [Agile PM Practice Workshop] with KENCA
  • September 14th ~ 18th Attended to ISO/TC 258 World Plenary Meeting on line
  • November 19th ICPM’s [Agile Forum] registered as BAM South Korea in Business Agility Institute
  • November 19th Registered [PMO Professional Certificate] in KRIVET
    (Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education&Training)
  • Oct. ~ December PMO Forum and Agile Forum Online Seminars held (upto 50th)
  • December 24th [ICPM NEWS] 13th Ed. published


  • January ~ March PMO Forum and Agile Forum Online Seminars (upto 56th)
  • March 1st [ICPM NEWS] 14th Ed. published